No Pain Barrier and Champion Products, new homologated barriers in Track Racing

The FIM is pleased to announce that two new manufacturers are now included in the list of FIM Homologated Barriers in track racing as from 2024.

No Pain Barrier (triple A+ LT, triple A+ SP, and A+ OR barrier models) and Champion products (A+ INFLATABLE barrier model) successfully passed the FIM homologation (FRHPba-01) and can be used with immediate effect in track racing championships.

FIM Homologated Barriers (FRHPba-01) will be required and compulsary from 2029, for the FIM World Championships and Prize events listed in the FIM Standard for Track Racing circuits.

The homologation will allow the FIM to ensure more complete, high-end protection for its riders with emphasis placed on optimal protection, providing a minimised risk of slipping under the barriers or rebounding.

As a reminder, FIM homologated barriers have single FIM QR codes adhered on each module.

Check-out the full list of FIM homologated barriers HERE


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